What is PRP?

Platelet-Rich Plasma is derived from a sample of your own blood cells, stimulating collagen and elastin fibers to promote cell turnover giving you a younger, more youthful complexion in under a week.

By recognizing what your body needs and producing it, these cells actively repair your skin, giving you a fresh glow and refined plumpness that lasts much longer than any filler or chemical injection.  


Your expert practitioner will take a small sample of your blood and place it in a centrifuge, where the blood is spun rapidly, separating the red blood cells from the natural plasma which is rich in platelets and protein, a huge growth factor. We use a fine needle to inject the PRP in the cheeks or under the eyes to restore your natural, youthful volume. We will also micro-needle your plasma into your skin to reveal fresh, bright, youthful skin.

Your body naturally heals itself when cells are injured. PRP helps to stimulate a series of peptides, notifying your brain that there is damage in the area where you’re looking to see results. The proteins in the plasma help remove the damaged cells, triggering your body to generate new collagen and heal the affected area.

Our bodies are wonderful healing machines, sometimes they just need a little nudge to kick into gear, that’s why PRP works so well!

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  • 7-Day Results

  • 100% Natural

  • Non – Invasive

  • Chemical-Free

  • No Side Effects

  • Tightens & Firms Skin

  • Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines

  • Volumizes Cheeks

  • Reduces Dark Circles Under Eyes

  • Repairs Blemishes and Acne

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“I can’t say enough about now pleased I am with the results. My skin is refreshed and plump and I look more lively and much younger than before.”

“I thought my skin was smooth and just fine but after seeing my results, I’m in love with my skin and see such a difference!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone of any age or gender because it made such a difference in my face.”

“My face looks so refreshed and rejuvenated and the fine lines and wrinkles have diminished. It has been approximately three months and the results have lasted.”

“A week later, and OH MY GOD. My skin was amazing. Wrinkles were gone. Old scars were gone. My skin felt like it did when I was a teenager (and I’m now 56). People were making comments about how rested and glowing I looked.”


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from our patient’s own blood and has a high concentration of growth factors, MAP proteins, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Injecting this concentrated PRP back into the body aids in growth and repair in that area.  

We use each individual patient’s own PRP. A small amount of blood is drawn by our licensed phlebotomist.  We then take the blood and spin it in a centrifuge. This process separates the red blood cells from the Platelet Rich Plasma.

Yes. The type of centrifuge effects the concentration of PRP. Our Genius Centrifuge  produces PRP that is 100x more concentrated in growth factors than blood alone. Most centrifuges produce a produce a PRP that is concentrated at 3x.

Like any blood draw, there is some discomfort but it is quick and subsides almost immediately. Depending on injection site and type of needle, we apply a topical numbing cream to the skin.
No. We use only your blood and each piece of equipment is medically sterilized.
The only part of your blood that we use is the PRP that contains healing growth factors. The part of the blood that is not used is properly disposed. There is little risk to you as your body regenerates the lost blood very quickly.
This procedure involves your body growing back collagen, elastin or hair follicles. So once optimal results are achieved they will break down at the same rate as your body ages.
There is no limit on how many PRP treatments a patient has. For optimal results, we recommend starting with a series of 4 treatments. Once the initial series is completed we will assess the results and decide on additional treatments o waiting 3 months for a follow up treatment.
PRP is very healthy because it involves your body healing itself. The growth factors go to the treated area and finds improperly functioning cells and heals them to start functioning properly. And since it is your body’s own.
PRP uses your body’s own processes so there is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection. But because this is an injected treatment there is a small risk of infection or nerve damage. Our phlebotomists are trained and certified so there is very little risk of this.
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Our team of highly educated and highly certified treatment providers work with each patient to create a tailored approach to their specific skincare needs. Aspire embraces cutting-edge treatments and techniques to ensure the quality of your experience and effectiveness of your results. Located in Edgewater, Colorado Aspire Medical Spa is a quiet retreat for health, healing, and happiness.

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