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laser hair removal

Are you ready to throw your razor away? Treatments are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart. Schedule your consultation today and let us lead you to sexy smooth skin!

the diode laser
The Diode Laser is the gold standard in Permanent Hair Removal and is suitable on ALL pigmented hair and skin types.

Using selective light absorption, the Diode laser is absorbed by the melanin (color) of the hair. The light energy is taken up by the hair follicle and converted to heat energy; minimal energy is transferred to the skin. This process heats the hair and its DNA, while reducing oxygen organization around the hair follicle, reducing the chance of hair regrowth. Special cooling technology is applied simultaneously during treatment to cool and protect the skin.

The Diode laser permanently reduces hair on all skin types, including very fair skin, olive or African-American skin. Treatments are most effective on medium to dark hair on any skin type. Fine and light hair is very difficult to treat; blonde, white and gray hair cannot be treated.

  • Save money in the long run
  • Save time shaving
  • Quick procedure
  • Prevents ingrown hairs
  • Can shave in between treatments
  • Slows hair growth
  • Thins out coarse hair
Preparing for you treatment
  • Shave treatment area
  • Avoid tweezing/waxing 3 weeks prior to treatment
  • Avoid working out 24 hours after treatment
  • Avoid sunless tanners/tanning beds prior to treatment
  • Avoid antibiotics, retinol, and accutane prior to treatment

treatment frequency

how many diode 808 laser hair removal treatments do I need?
The number of treatments needed to achieve hair reduction varies. Most patients experience a marked reduction in hair growth in 8 to 12 treatments. Other factors such as hair density, age and hormones can affect the results of your treatments. Schedule treatments 4-6 weeks apart to obtain best results.


Large Area $130

Full Leg, Full arm, Full back, Chest & Abdomen

Medium Area $110

Brazilian, French Bikini, Half leg, Half arm, Chest, Abdomen Half Back, Full Face

Small Area $70

Neck, Lip & Chin, Bikini, Underarms, Fingers & Toes, Widows Peak, Beard

Mini Area $50

Lip, Chin, Sides, Jaw, Areolas, Ears, Navel