Neck tightening/ PRP Cocktail ™

The PRP Cocktail ™ treatment addresses a universally bothersome area, the aging neck. The neck can reveal your true age, even if your face has excelled at hiding it. Prior to the PRPcocktail ™ there were limits to the amount of tightening possible for the neck. With this specialized proprietary formula, the options for use are endless! This cutting-edge treatment is intended to thicken ‘crepey’ skin and can be used on the face, neck, and hands. PRPcocktail ™ uses your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and then combines it with some of our most popular FDA approved products. The injections stimulate your body to produce collagen, which makes the outcomes of the treatment very natural. Once this collagen is produced, the anti-aging effects are expected to last up to two years. Due to the fact the PRP is a by-product of your own blood, this treatment causes very little down time.

PRP Cocktail ™ is a cutting-edge treatment specifically designed to treat a universally bothersome and difficult to treat area, the neck. Thin crepey or sagging skin on our neck often reveals our true age. Prior to this treatment there were very few options when treating this area! PRP Cocktail ™ offers a solution that lasts up to two years.

Treatments recommendation: Two treatments spaced 6 weeks apart for best results.

What is PRP?

Platelet rich plasma also known as PRP is when the patient’s own blood is spun down and separated, producing a concentration of platelets well above the normal values.

Platelets are the clotting cells contained in blood, but they also have great potential in enhancing healing. Studies suggest that growth factors released by platelets recruit reparative cells may augment tissue repair and accelerate soft tissue healing. This is how it is used in aesthetic realm for for collagen production.

Side effects: Side effects are minimal swelling, bruising and redness for the initial 12-24 hours after procedure and possible bruising for 3-10day after

When do results show and how long do results last?
Improvement in skin texture and tone is immediately noticeable due to increase in volume, and treatments results vary but last up to 18 months in most patients for PRP alone.

Benefits Include:

  • Improvement of skin texture and thickness
  • Improves the appearance of platysmal bands.
  • Creates a sharper Cervi omental angle (105degrees-120)
  • Reveal a submental shadow.
  • Enhance the definition and perceived length of the neck
  • Retract laterally the lax tissue that is creating a “wattle”
  • Decrease the medial clavicular depression


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