Filler Treatments

Define & Contour

As we age, cheeks flatten and skin begins to sag. This is caused by a natural loss of volume- age-related mid-face volume loss. We use hyaluronic acid fillers; either Juevederm or RHA to add volume beneath the skin’s surface to lift and contour the cheek area, jawline and chin.

The Define & Contour filler treatment is one of our favorites because it offers such subtle yet dramatic results. Many patients are concerned with smile line around the nose and mouth. Rather than or in addition to filling these lines we use our Define & Contour filler technique to lift and soften smile lines which creates a more natural, youthful appearance.

We use FDA approved hyaluronic acid fillers for our Define & Contour treatment becuase they are safe and effective. For best results patients need to start with 2-4 syringes depending on age and volume loss. Once optimal results have been achieved our patients generally return yearly for touchup treatments.


  • Natural more youthful appearance
  • Well rested
  • Defined cheekbones & jawline
  • Non-invasive/quick appointment
  • Minimal downtime

Lovely Lips

Over time, our skin loses elasticity and moisture which contributes to moderate to severe lines and wrinkles. As our lips begin to fade we lose our vermillion border. Our Lovely Lips treatment adds volume to smooth these lines and restores a more natural, youthful and defined lip. It is common for patients in their late 20’s or early 30’s to start losing volume in their lips. Some of our patients have not lost volume but have naturally thin lips. Our Lovely Lips treatment is great for these patients as well. Frequently we see patients with asymmetrical lips who would like to even the appearance of their lips. Depending on the severity of the asymmetry, it can take multiple appointments to reach full correction.

At Aspire, we pride our injectors on their ability to keep lips looking natural and youthful.

We use hyaluronic acid based fillers for our Lovely Lips treatment. We find hyaluronic acid fillers to be the safest and most natural looking fillers for lips. Patients generally need 1-2 appointments and touch ups every 6-12 months.


  • Defined lip/vermilion border
  • More youthful appearance
  • Well rested appearance
  • Smooth fine lines/wrinkles
  • Restored natural lip volume
  • Plump lips
  • Improve asymmetry

Tech Neck

Our Tech Neck treatment addresses a universally bothersome area, the aging neck. The neck can reveal your true age, even if your face has excelled at hiding it. Prior to our Tech Neck treatment there were limits to the amount of tightening possible for the neck. With this specialized proprietary formula, the options for use are endless! This cutting-edge treatment is intended to thicken ‘crepey’ skin and improve lacity. The injections stimulate your body to produce collagen, which makes the outcomes of the treatment very natural. Once this collagen is produced, the anti-aging effects are expected to last one to two years…

Tech Neck is a cutting-edge treatment specifically designed to treat a universally bothersome and difficult to treat area, the neck. Thin crepey or sagging skin on our neck often reveals our true age. Treatments recommendation: Two treatments spaced 6 weeks apart for best results.

When do results show and how long do results last?
Improvement in skin texture and tone is immediately noticeable due to increase in volume, and treatments results vary but last up to 18 months in most patients for PRP alone.

Treatment options:
Aspire Tech Neck: This treatment is for patients who are experiencing advanced aging on their neck area. This is our most popular treatment and gives the most significant results. Depending on the severity of skin laxity patients may need two treatments spaced 6 weeks apart. Price: $1300.

Elite Tech Neck: This treatment is for patients who are experiencing one or two lines on their neck OR minimal sagging below their jawline. This treatment is mainly for prevention for patients in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Price: $900.

Benefits Include:

  • Improvement of skin texture and thickness
  • Improves the appearance of platysmal bands.
  • Creates a sharper Cervi omental angle (105degrees-120)
  • Reveal a submental shadow.
  • Enhance the definition and perceived length of the neck
  • Retract laterally the lax tissue that is creating a “wattle”
  • Decrease the medial clavicular depression

Injectable Packages

Aspire Define & Contour $2500

This package is customized to your treatment needs. Our Aesthetic Nurse or PA-C will use 4 syringes during this treatment to help you achieve your desired results. This is typically a combination of our Define & Contour + Lovely Lips treatment. ($3200 value)

Elite Define & Contour $2000

This package is customized to your treatment needs. Our Aesthetic Nurse or PA-C will use 3 syringes during this treatment to help you achieve your desired results. This is typically a Define & Contour treatment, however it can also include our Lovely Lips treatment if you do note have very severe volume loss. ($2400 value)

The ultimate goal with either filler package is to create overall facial balance. These packages allow us to use multiple syringes to treat your face as a whole rather than just picking and choosing a single treatment area. When we are able to treat the entire face we are able to create much greater results. Keep in mind that 1 syringe is 1/5th of a teaspoon and 4 syringes is still less than 1 full teaspoon. Our injectors use years of experience to properly place filler to create a well balanced & youthful result! Depending on your age and skin health, it is likely that multiple filler treatments will be required. We will create a treatment plan that works with your timeframe and budget to create wildly successful results with you!


Define & Contour

Aspire Define & Contour (4 syringes)-$2,500

Elite Define & Contour (3 syringes)-$3,500

Lovely Lips

Lovely Lips $700

Tech Neck

Aspire Tech Neck $700

Elite Tech Neck $900


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Our goal is to help our patients look 5 years younger and 50% more well rested.