microblading, $349

Microblading is a relatively new, manual method of Permanent Make-up. The procedure deposits pigment into the epidermis. The color is closer to the skin’s surface so the strokes appear crisp and fine. This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. Microblading is perfect for anyone going through any condition that causes hair loss. The results are natural hair like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present. Microblading is a layering process and a touch-up must be done within 30-45 days after the initial procedure (touch-up price varies).


Full Eyebrow Shading, $349

If penciling in eyebrows is your daily chore, you may want to consider permanent eyebrows. Having your eyebrows tattooed will save you time and money while eliminating any chance that eye pencil might smudge or wear off during the day.

Even if you have no eyebrow hair at all, permanent eyebrow shaping will produce amazing results, normalize your lifestyle, and create alluring eyebrows that will brighten your face.

Beauty Mark, $99

A beauty mark or beauty spot is a dark mark, or dark facial mole on the face. A facial beauty mark is generally considered most attractive if it is located within an inch or so of the upper lip or around the eyes, and is subdermal so that it does not protrude from the skin.

Lip Liner, $249

Permanent lip liner might be the best option for women tired of the daily routine of applying lip liner, but it could be an approach for those who have uneven or their lips are too thin.

Injection Shading, $349

Injection Shading is a lip liner that is then shaded in to about half into the lip, in between full lips and lip liner. It provides you with a very natural look for your lips.

All permanent makeup requires a touch-up within 30-45 days after the initial procedure (price varies).

Full Lip Shading, $349

The permanent full lip color procedure is for anyone who has lost the color in their lips and wants color back or for the appearance of beautiful full colored defined lips.

Lash Enhancement, $200

Lash enhancement can lift eyelid droops or redesign your eye shape to more of an almond shape. When skillfully applied, lash enhancement looks natural.

For a lash enhancement, shades of color are placed in a sprinkle or a line at the base of the eyelash hairs only, making the lashes appear darker and thicker.

Eyeliner, $349

If eyeliner is your daily chore, you may want to consider permanent eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner is perfect for the patient with sparse eyelashes. A soft natural liner in the lashes can create a fuller lash appearance or a thicker line can create a more dramatic look.

Top or Bottom Eyeliner, $250

Tired of your eyeliner always smudging? Permanent eyeliner will fix that! No more smudging and replaces daily makeup applications in the morning. The procedure begins by following your natural lash line, then thickness can be added as desired.


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