Facial fillers and dermal injections are the most effective treatment on the market for reducing wrinkles and improving the overall appearance of the face. These injections work by plumping the skin from the inside out, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, restoring volume in the lips and cheeks and improving overall symmetry of the face.

All fillers are injectable (meaning they work underneath the skin) but not all injectables are fillers. Botox is injectable but does not have the same physical effect as dermal fillers. PRP is another type of injectable but does not fill the cells the way treatments like Voluma or Juvaderm do. Both of these treatments can be paired with traditional dermal fillers.

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How Do Fillers Work?

Fillers work by plumping the cells underneath the skin. Each treatment has a different chemical mechanism but at their very core they either plump up individual cells or add a synthetic material on top of the existing cells. This reduces the look of wrinkles and lines because it physically removes the depression that makes the wrinkle. The skin is lifted from the inside.

Fillers improve the overall look of the face and skin by:

  • Smoothing lines and wrinkles
  • Restoring volume to cheeks
  • Plumping lips
  • Smoothing chine crease
  • Improving overall symmetry of the face

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

The benefits of dermal fillers go beyond reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Fillers improve the overall look of your face by creating a more symmetrical look. This leads to looking younger and more well rested.

Depending on the type and amount of filler used, the end result achieved can either be a  more natural or most youthful look.

The actual treatment of dermal fillers requires very little downtime. There is a possibility of slight redness, swelling or bruising at the injection site.

The results are immediate and effective because of the physical change that takes place during the injection. Depending on the product and condition of your skin, results can last anywhere from 18 to 24 months. There is usually very little breakdown of the product and follow up treatments are only to keep up with your naturally aging skin.

There is little risk associated with dermal fillers although it should be mentioned that allergic reactions do occasionally occur.

Facial & Dermal Filler Treatment


The first step is a consultation. At the appointment we discuss the desired outcome of treatment and address any special skin needs. Our professionals will work with you to pick out a product that’s within your budget, meets your expectations in terms of results and will work with your unique skin type.

At the Appointment:

We begin each treatment by applying a numbing cream. This will make the process as painless and comfortable as possible for you.

After numbed, we begin the injections. We work to treat the entire face – not just one particular area. This is to ensure a balanced and natural look.

At this time, we will also pair dermal fillers with any other injectable or facial treatments.

Follow Up:

After every treatment, we have a follow up appointment. This is ensure the results you were looking for and to make sure that your skin is healing and reacting properly. If more treatments are needed (to even out the look after swelling has gone down) we will do it at this time.

Who Should Use Injectable Dermal Fillers?

The answer is anyone!  These treatments are not just for women with older skin with fine lines or wrinkles.

Fillers work well for both men and women, older skin or younger skin to prevent aging, and really anyone who wants to avoid plastic surgery.

Because of the versatility of the injectable, they work well for lifting and adding structure all parts of the face. So if you’d like to lift your cheekbones or reduce the crease in your chin, dermal fillers are an excellent option.

Who should avoid injectable fillers?

Because of the synthetic nature of the products used, anyone who’s had a reaction to anytime of filler in the past should avoid fillers. There are other options like PRP that use the body’s own processes that limit the chance of reaction.

Also, women who are pregnant or nursing are advised against using injectable fillers.


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