Aspire His-Shot & Her-Shot improve male & female sexual satisfaction

Platelet-rich Plasma treatments are an effective and safe way to improve both male and female sexual health. By using the body’s own regenerative properties, the Penius Shot (aka His Shot) and Wow-Shot (aka Her-Shot) offer long-term improved and enhanced sexual experiences.

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The Her-Shot is ideal for women seeking a higher level of increased sexual pleasure and comfort, improved lubrication, issues of stress-related incontinence such as leaking urine after sneezing or laughing, and general vaginal rejuvenation.

Sexual sensation will be elevated as this injection promotes tightening. Orgasms will be easier to achieve and heightened in their intensity, and natural self-lubrication will increase as well. The procedure involves no downtime, is relatively painless, and completely safe.

PRP injections for vaginal rejuvenation require no downtime and take very little time. After your blood is drawn and processed a topical numbing cream is applied in the treatment area, and a sequence of injections are placed around the clitoris and inside the vagina.

Most patients require one or two treatment per year. However, in some cases, patient results are extended well into the second year after treatment.

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Aspire His-Shot

PRP injections for penile enhancement offer a range of lasting benefits for men, including:

  • increased erection time
  • easier erections
  • enhanced orgasms and sensation
  • notable increase in size by the patient and their partner.

Some results for erectile function are almost immediate, although it can take a couple of weeks to notice the full results of the treatment. 

Most patients require one or two treatment per year. However, some patients continue to see results well into the second year after treatment. The number of treatments and frequency depend on the patients baseline.

How PRP works for Sexual Rejuvenation

The first step in PRP treatment is to collect a sample of the patient’s blood.  The sample is then put through a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma.  Then the plasma is re-injected back into the body.

PRP is rich with healing and rejuvenating properties and by centralizing it in a certain part of the body, you signal your natural processes to remove damaged cells and replace them with new ones that healthier and function better. PRP harnesses the body’s own natural healing power for long lasting results.

Injections will transmit the enriched PRP back into the body, to boost sexual response centers. By triggering collagen and blood vessel formation, the procedure promotes enriched blood flow into the genital region, rebuilding the tissues and intensifying experiences of sexual health.

For sexual rejuvenation efforts, PRP is particularly effective because it improves the health of local blood vessels and blood flow, and cell communication.

For added comfort, the injection area is numbed with a topical numbing cream before treatment.

Like for any other PRP application, our staff are trained and certified phlebotomists that guarantee a safe and effective treatment.


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